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As specialists in employee engagement, employee recognition, sales incentives,  JVs / strategic alliances, customer experience, sustainability and experiential, digital and event marketing — along with a passion for business performance improvement that drives us to be the best we can be — we can help you grow your business in ways that align with your Purpose, vision, values, ESG initiatives and strategy.


The key to success with any change initiative or performance improvement program is an understanding of your business objectives, corporate culture, stakeholder needs, and competitive landscape. We work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan, programs, and campaigns that reflects those goals and drive desired behavior change.  

Our approach is first to understand, then to make recommendations, get feedback from those who will be affected, adjust the plan, get more feedback, build a business case, present the case, adjust, finalize the case, deliver it to those who need to approve it, present to influencers and informal leaders, handle concerns, gain buy-in and co-create a plan for implementation.  

We believe in collaboration, while we recognize the challenges of "committee".  We also believe in the power of appreciative inquiry and the nuances of behavioural economics, politics, and culture.  

It's part science, part art, and part push, part pull -- and it's never the same solution twice. 


We can provide training and support to your team in all areas related to the plan, programs and campaigns we co-create with you.

Confidential Advisor

Sometimes, you simply need someone to bounce ideas off, to provide outside perspective, to listen to you, and to help you make wise decisions.  We have experienced confidential advisors who have worked with Heads of State, CEOs in major companies, executives, managers, founders and owner-operators.

As a confidential advisor, naturally our conversations are both confidential and advisory.  We help you to resolve your challenges in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

Incentive Program / Recognition Program Design

The success of your incentive program or recognition program depends on many factors, one of which is the design of the program.

Too often the task of designing a program is delegated to someone who doesn't fully appreciate the impact each decision they make along the way will have.  We've seen incentive programs do well on paper (for the program sponsor) but completely throw other departments off their plans.  We've seen recognition programs where the recognition resulted in negative engagement scores because of the rules or the way the program was managed.

Design is so important to the success of the program after implementation.

It's also critical for getting approval for the program too.

Our program design is so much more than choosing rewards, technology and making the rules.  It includes a business case with financial projections, impact on key initiatives and objectives and how it impacts other departments... among other variables which we can discuss when we talk about your program needs.

Program Set-up & Launch

After all the collaboration, approvals and buy-ins have been completed, it's time to get "the party started".  

The technology needs to be configured and the marketing and communications plans implemented and our team of tech specialists and marketing wizards can get this done for you.

Program Analysis & Adjustment

An incentive program or recognition program should never be a set-it-and-forget-it kind of program.  It constantly needs review to ensure it is meeting expectations of all stakeholders.  Has the program been adopted by the participants?  Are they logging in and doing the actions and activities you want them to do?  Are the desired outcomes and results materializing as expected?  Have there been any internal factors that can derail the success?  What external factors have changed and how do they affect the program's ability to produce the promised results?

These are just some of the considerations which need to be considered -- especially if managing an incentive or recognition program is an additional responsibility to your already full plate. 


100,000 locally sourced rewards in 185 countries means 3 things:

  • Selection, selection, selection!  
  • The carbon footprint is reduced, and
  • The rewards are culturally appropriate

Market priced rewards means you don't pay inflated costs for your rewards and your participants pay less tax on the rewards they redeem (in jurisdictions where rewards are a taxable benefit).  It also means your rewards budget goes farther and your participants get more value for their effort.

We've blown the lid off the "administration included" bloated reward costs because our business model doesn't rely on selling rewards.

Instead, we've unbundled fees, which will be transparently disclosed in separate line-items on your contract and invoice.


There are many options for recognition and incentive program software and they all have their place. 

We used to have a SaaS software division, which we used for our clients' incentive programs.  So we know the behind-the-curtain aspects of technology.  It's also one of the reasons why, since 2009, we no longer have a software division!

As a result of this experience, we know what to look for in technology and tech promises.  And when we find companies with great software, that fulfill specific needs, we ask to form a strategic alliance so we can offer their technology to our clients.

We then recommend them, with confidence, to our clients because we have a great relationship with the founders of those companies and because we have service contracts we can (but have never needed to) enforce, if needed.

If you need something else though, simply let us know and we'll source it for you.

Marketing and Communications

In conjunction with our sister brand, Marquee Marketing, we offer a wide variety of marketing services.  Click right here to find out more.

And, as with all our sister brands, if you need something and it's not listed on the website, just ask and we'll be happy to create it or we'll find someone to create it for you/us.


In conjunction with our sister brand, Marquee Events, we offer a wide variety of virtual, in-person, and hybrid event services.

Click  here to find out more.

And, as with all our sister brands, if you need something and it's not listed on the website, just ask and we'll be happy to create it or we'll find someone to create it for you/us.