AwardPoints® is World Incentive Network Inc.’s rewards, recognition, loyalty and incentive program

AwardPoints® combines the 5 main components of a global incentive program, loyalty program and/or recognition program.

  1. Global Rewards – sourced within each country
  2. Cutting edge Technology Platform to manage your incentive program
  3. Business analysis, business improvement strategy which combines Engagement, Performance/Productivity, and Sustainability objectives, and program design
  4. Incentive program, recognition program, and/or loyalty program administration and review
  5. Education for employees, management and leadership to maximize benefits for both the company and the participants.

AwardPoints® has been around in various iterations since the early 2000’s and as the world changes, so have the above 5 components.

In addition to our specialists at both World Incentive Network Inc. (our parent company) and Marquee Incentives, we are pleased to partner with specialist partners in the latest technologies to provide a fully-customized program for your needs.

As awareness about the need to balance sustainability with engagement and profit increases, so does our commitment to provide you with sustainable partners.

Please reach out to Carol at to find out more.